B2B Online Miami 2019

November 11 - 13, 2019

JW Marriott Marquis Miami, FL


"This is the perfect place to learn the latest trends in the B2B online space. I’ve gained strategies that have helped us grow, and take us to the next level. The topics covered are really timely and I appreciate how much research has gone into building the event."

Bill Arvidson, IT Director, Abbott Rubber Company

"B2B Online is the number one conference to learn what’s happening in digital today for manufacturers and distributors. I have been to a few industry events, none compare to the amount of takeaways I had from B2B Online."

Sheila Coughlin, E-Commerce Business Analyst, IDEXX

"B2B Online has given me the opportunity to assess the latest digital transformation trends. This is the only event we come to – always top-notch speakers and inspirational, transformative content!"

Tammy Harris, Director of Digital Marketing, Hayward Industries

"I’m so glad I had my team attend B2B Online with me. There was so much content to cover, we made sure we didn’t miss a thing. We’re all looking forward to getting back to the office and sharing our action plans and takeaways."

Tanya Sdun, Contact Center Director, Imperial Supplies

"B2B Online is the place to go to a real pulse on not only what’s happening in the industry, but what’s changing in the future. It’s important to know what technologies and initiatives will be game-changers, and I get that information only at this show."

Nils Timmermann, Head of E-Commerce, Ottobock

"What you get at B2B Online is critical content, actionable take-aways, and real tactics that will help you grow your business. I left the event with amazing insight from industry leaders that I couldn’t wait to share with my co-workers."

Shannon Schlak, Manager eCommerce Merchandising, Georgia Pacific

"You’re really learning from the best-of-the-best at B2B Online. The information, advice, new connections and strategies I’m leaving with are priceless."

Misti White, eCommerce Manager, Royal Brass and Hose

"This was my first time attending B2B Online and it exceeded my expectations. I was blown away by the amount of real-life examples and detailed benchmarks. The speakers were inspirational and made me rethink the way that we conduct our digital business."

Parveen Werner, Marketing Director, Synergy Flavors

"I continue to be impressed by the caliber of speakers and moderators. They share the challenges and successes they have experienced with surprising transparency. I left feeling inspired and eager to incorporate many of the innovative ideas and best practices that were discussed into my business."

Pattrick Kenny, eCommerce Manager, Kenny Pipe & Supply, Inc.

"B2B Online is not just an event…it’s a community of peers where I’m challenged to think better, do better."

Lori Killory, Digital Marketing Manager, Eaton Lighting Solutions

"I hate going to events where I’m just being pitched all day.  This was the opposite – I was surrounded by and speaking to my peers all day. And with the tons of interactive and networking opportunities, they make sure I actually meet everyone, on my terms."

Bill Arvidson, IT Director, Abbot Rubber Company

"We had a BLAST at B2B Online and made some great new connections. As always, I left the event feeling inspired and excited to work in this space."

Greg Walker, VP of Ecommerce, Bulbs.com

"One thing I love about B2B Online is how easy it is to meet like-minded people –the networking breaks, small group sessions, and downtime between sessions, all add up to an amazing experience that you cannot get anywhere else. Well done Team B2B Online!"

Mike Connors, CEO, Bulbs.com

"Everyone is eager to share with and learn from each other; there’s a real sense of community here that you don’t find at other events. I feel very inspired!

Amy Terrones, Sr. Campaign Manager, Uline

"I like the mix of sessions at B2B Online…roundtables, workshops, interactive panels. There’s a great flow to the conference – and all of the interactions with my peers didn’t feel forced. I walked away from tactics, connections and had a lot of fun!"

Nikhil Mathur, Customer Success, Brillio

"I really loved the track sessions. The opportunity to deep dive into topics and network in small groups throughout helped me get so many takeaways."

Andrew Shepherd, Manager, E-Commerce, Kelly & Spicers Paper

"We were not just watching presentations all day – we were encouraged to ask questions and be active in the sessions. We all got more out of the conference this way."

Michelle Bartelson, Web Project Manager, Yaskawa America, Inc.

"B2B Online is proof that learning and networking can be enjoyable and a good time."

Seung Park, Director of Digital Technologies, Solenis

"Boring conferences? Not B2B Online. This was actually a lot of fun! I loved the multiple receptions and networking opportunities that were offered."

Jignesh Thakkar, Director of Digital Design & User Experience, Medline Industries, Inc.

"There’s a sense of excitement in the air at B2B Online – everyone’s so happy to be here and it really shows!"

Krista Drager, Marketing Manager, Sentry Equipment

"With all of the networking breaks, small group networking, boardrooms, roundtables and receptions – B2B Online was not only educational, but super fun! "

Colleen Shanahan, International Digital Communications, 3M

"I know we’ll always get a ton of new, qualified leads for our pipeline anytime we go to B2B Online – our business thanks you and your team."

Joe Zarrett, Managing Partner, Verndale

"B2B Online packs a lot of punch. It is not a tradeshow, yet there are over 700 manufacturers and distributors for us to meet. I love the intimate feel of this event over any I have been to. The sessions are high level and very impactful."

Carrie Boyle, Platform Manager, Ecolab

"If you really want to be part of the B2B community and learn what you current clients and prospects are trying to solve, then B2B Online is the only place to be."

Michael Sanossion, Manager, Whereoware

"It was great to see speakers creating actionable takeaways that provided tactical learning beyond strategic discussion."

Paul Shrater, President, Minimus LLC

"B2B Online yet again delivered a great line-up of content and speakers centered on the dynamic world of B2B eCommerce and Customer Experience.  The B2B marketing space is evolving rapidly and it’s great to surround yourself with industry thought leaders and innovative technology experts."

Monique Elliott, Global Head of Customer Experience, ABB

"Amazing to see the momentum in the B2B space quickly outpacing B2C in using digital technologies to transform B2B ecosystems – connected, data-driven, customer-centric. The B2B online event is the truly feel and immerse yourself in that revolution."

Guillaume Deudon, Director, Customer Experience Services, Chicago Digital Marketplace Center, The Dow Chemical Company

"By design, B2B Online truly brings buyers and sellers together to talk business, to close deals, through their unique, curated events."

Jason Lichon, Chief Solutions Officer, BlueBolt

"B2B Online 2018 first time attendee and I must say, it has been great. Fantastic speakers, relevant breakouts, wonderful facilities and a big solutions venue is a win all the way around. Already looking forward to next year!"

Dennis Karpinski, Director eCommerce, Eastern Industrial Supplies Inc.

“B2B Online has been very successful for us. We are meeting business leaders who are engaged in the subject matter and eager to explore solutions providers in the eCommerce space. We’ll be back next year!”

Steve Engelbrecht , President, Sitation, LLC

"Exhibiting at B2B Online is extremely valuable for our company. The event allowed us to meet with leading Manufacturers and Distributors who are eager to take their businesses to the next level. Being here year after year has allowed this audience to recognize us, and it’s making a difference for our brand."

Jennifer Graham, Marketing Communications Manager, C2 - Competitive Consulting

"The information that was presented at B2B was timely and forward thinking. The best Manufacturers and Distributors came together to teach us what the “need to haves” are for eCommerce for our businesses. "

Nils Timmermann, Head of eCommerce, Ottobock North America

"The preparation the WBR team did with me was fantastic. Their surveys helped us understand which companies are investing in specific technologies/services and their timelines; this helped us pinpoint who could be our best future partners and in turn, made us more efficient at the conference."

Sam Shaner - Manager, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Accenture

"Great Sessions! The one on online brand building and experience were the early highlights…"

Joe Vorih, President, Omega

"Designated refreshment times are wonderful. Not only does it give attendees an opportunity to recharge through out the day, but it also gives us a reason to check out the technology solutions. Great Planning! "

Belinda Nemeth, Creative Services Manager, Coca-Cola

"Getting tons of good experience with sessions. Enjoying the event!"

Lenny Walker, Regional Director, Kennicott

"It’s a good conference with an awful of information packed into three days. Overall, it’s a good event that’s well organized. The other attendees are very engaging and interesting to talk to. I thoroughly enjoyed a few of the keynotes! "

Mona Mattis, Marketing Communications Project Leader, SKF USA

"The brain neurologist was my favorite speaker so far! He was very engaging and the topic was awesome!"

Rachel Jacobs, Director of Marketing, Brown Wood Inc.

"Excellent Day 1! Good mix of vendors, discussions and schedule. "

James Cass, IT Director, Morrisette

"This conference has been an excellent learning experience filled with a great deal of information covering a variety of topics. I appreciated the diversity of the panels and speakers. My favorite talk thus far may be the keynote regarding brains!"

Tamara Leher, Content Planner – Construction Marketing Services, BSE

"B2B Online continues to be a catalyst for idea generation and useful strategic insight from industry peers. I would recommend anyone with a B2B focus to attend and will continue to attend myself. "

Bonnie Bergkessel, Digital Marketing Manager, EIS

"Strong keynotes so far. The afternoon sessions were great. The organization of the conference has been amazing and lunch was easy to eat."

Jonathan Toler, Senior Digital Innovation Director, Kloeckner Metals

"Once again the conference has provided great insights for me to deliver in my company. We have made tremendous strides in recent years and B2B Online keeps us forward looking."

Cheryl Mackin, Supervisor, Network Services Company

"Some very interesting discussions and presentations. I had many good takeaways from the conference."

LaRee Gubbells, eCommerce Coordinator, Nucor

"Great Show, Three years running now! You guys do an amazing job! "

Chris Rooney, President, Digital Bridge Solutions

"B2B Online has a powerful selection on inspiring and thoughtful conversations! I’m leaving the conference feeling refreshed and excited to implement the many ideas from the event!"

Bill Mortimer, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Sonepar USA

"Good general sessions. I like the short timing of the presentations and the different subjects. "

Kevin Drueger, Senior eCommerce manager, Affiliates Distribution

"B2B Online has been good. Content has been great. "

Laura Cristelli, SEO/SEM Specialist, Instrumart

"Great conference. Excellent speakers. Good assortment of vendors."

Mike Donley, Marketing Communications Manager, Tuthill Transfer Systems

"Strong keynotes so far. The afternoon sessions were great. The organization of the conference has been amazing."

Jonathan Toler, Senior Digital Innovation Director, Kloeckner Metals

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate on a panel and attend the broader event. I enjoyed the other speakers and panels and felt it was at the right caliber to build perspective on the industry."

James Casper, Sr. Director, Global eSolutions, Commercial Digital Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific