The Right Ecommerce Platform Makes a Critical Difference for B2B

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New research from WBR Insights in partnership with B2B Online sheds light on the needs that B2B organizations have when managing their ecommerce operations. What we have uncovered is a moment in time when major changes in technology coincide with the growing importance of developing a high-performing ecommerce strategy.

The most important aspects that B2B executives are looking for when sourcing their ecommerce platforms are compatibility with existing systems and pricing. Support for personalization is another feature executives highly value, as well as responsive design.

It's interesting to note that the only two criteria that are not prioritized by a majority executives are compliance and security features, as well as the ability to support omnichannel integration. This suggests that when sourcing for new technology, the most important factors come down to affordability, and if it will work with the tools that are already in place.

The fact that pricing and compatibility are within the highest tier of the criteria used for sourcing ecommerce solutions reflects the difficulty that comes along with sourcing within a set price range in an established environment. An ideal ecommerce solution will be flexible enough to adapt to existing tech infrastructure, bridging gaps in functionality with a quick integration.

Other factors, such as siloed ownership, lack of buy-in, omnichannel integration, or a simple lack of expertise in sourcing technology are somewhat secondary challenges. But the fact that responses are so evenly spread across these categories is a testament to the fact that they are all inherently challenging.

How are B2B organizations mitigating these challenges to obtain the solutions that they need? You'll learn that, and more, when the full research is released in B2B Online's upcoming benchmark report. Until then, check out more content in our content center.

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