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At B2B Online, we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular research briefs and case studies.

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How To Revamp Your Channel Program & Measure ROI

Controlling the ROI of your channel marketing can mean the difference between success and failure for any business. When you get the balance right however, you will have a channel marketing machine which drives revenue, profit, and a greater understanding of your market and the customers operating within it.

How To Optimize Your Multi-Channel Strategy For eCommerce Success

Long gone are the days when all you needed to run a successful B2B ecommerce platform was a website and an email address. Today online business operates across multiple channels which all need to work in harmony to reach your audience.

Building and Staffing a Center of Excellence to Drive Digital Transformation

Talking about digital transformation, Mount begins by saying that although we may associate technology, processors, Internet of Things and digital layers with the phrase digital transformation, at Ingersol Rand, they focus on the human aspect of transformation.

How To Improve CX By Building A More Sophisticated Customer Journey

The question of how we measure the success of a company's customer experience is also something which is spoken about in this discussion. The main method of gaining feedback is to ask customers to take part in surveys once they have had an interaction with the company in some way.

B2B Research Briefs

Key Digital Transformation Strategies For B2B Manufacturers in 2020

WBR Insights partnered with the Field Service event team in their preliminary research for an upcoming industry study, Digital Transformation: Key Strategies for B2B Manufacturers in 2019 - 2020. The initial survey respondents represent manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, ranging from less than $100 million to over $500 million in annual revenue. Most preliminary respondents are team leaders, managers, directors, and department leaders at these B2B companies.

Why The Right Ecommerce Platform Makes a Critical Difference for B2B

New research from WBR Insights in partnership with B2B Online sheds light on the needs that B2B organizations have when managing their ecommerce operations. What we have uncovered is a moment in time when major changes in technology coincide with the growing importance of developing a high-performing ecommerce strategy.

How B2B Companies Are Transitioning To Formal eCommerce Personalization Strategies

eCommerce has become a high performing channel among manufacturers and distributors. Now, these companies are taking an aggressive approach to personalization as they seek to upgrade their current eCommerce strategies and infrastructures.

B2B Case Studies

How Thermo Fisher Scientific Expanded its eCommerce Offering

You can hear Thermo Fisher Scientific's Vice President of Global Market Development Stephanie Pike speak at B2B Online, taking place this November at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami, FL.

Digital Transformation Starts With Leadership

In order to develop digital capabilities across the organization it takes a commitment by leadership to modernize the structure, by using a hybrid model that both upskills existing associates, while engaging external experts. Diversifying talent provides the ability to scale and stay the course to drive market goals

Avnet Is Working with BitPay to Add Bitcoin Payment for Its Customers

In 2017 bitcoin plummet through the floor, leaving many commentators to speculate that the cryptocurrency was coming to an end and the bitcoin bubble had finally popped. However, while the consumer market turned its back on the digital currency, there is an emerging trend in the B2B sector.

How Turtle & Hughes Launched a B2B Ecommerce Platform in 4 Months

As consumers have grown used to seamless, Amazon-like personal shopping experiences, expectations are raised for B2B brands to create ecommerce buying experiences that match up. After all, B2B buyers are consumers, too .

W.W. Grainger's eCommerce Strategy To Compete With Amazon Business

The launch of Amazon business is forcing W.W. Grainger – whose global sales amounted to $11.2 billion in 2018 – to revamp its online strategy to keep up

How MSC Is Helping Customers Streamline Inventory Managementn

To excel at B2B ecommerce, manufacturers and suppliers need to innovate - to make customer experiences seamless and convenient, to get products in the hands of customers quicker, and to provide services that help customers better manage their operations and their spend.

Here's Why B2B eCommerce Buyers Are Demanding Automation

B2B sellers are expected to innovate to win new business and maintain their existing customer base, and building an online version of your B2B catalog isn’t enough: many buyers also demand automation fueled by integration with their eprocurement, ERP, CRM, and inventory systems.

Developing Marketplace Strategies to Best Serve the Customer

Driven by the convenience and seamlessness of the B2C shopping experience, more and more B2B buyers are now demanding a comparable business shopping experience as well. As such, there is a growing digitalization of the B2B customer journey, rendering B2B marketplaces more and more relevant as time goes by.

Here's How to Create Personalized, Customer Focused Content

Personalized content is all about making your prospect feel special. How can you create that personalized feeling with your content marketing? Well, there are a few different methods.

Developing Online Strategies to Attract and Retain New Customers

There are massive opportunities in the world of B2B ecommerce. Let's consider what it takes for B2B organizations to attract and retain customers in today's increasingly digital landscape.

Implementing A Customer-Centric B2B Omnichannel Strategy

The traditional B2B sales cycle is changing - from one based on time-consuming in-person interactions with sales reps to a streamlined, convenient process with a consumer-grade customer experience that stretches across both offline and online channels.

Transforming Digitally to Meet the Needs of Today's B2B Customer

Digital transformation is redefining how B2B businesses connect with their customers. It's reshaping business models, changing the way value is delivered, and how sales are made. Digital is the future - B2B organizations need to embrace digital transformation and make it a strategic priority.

How Hewlett Packard is Using B2C Techniques to Build B2B Strategy

B2B and B2C marketing strategies are often quite different. However, Hewlett Packard (HP) is bucking the trend with an innovative B2B multichannel marketing strategy.

How Created an Award Winning B2B Content Strategy

Content marketing is the cornerstone of any modern company's strategy, and is plumbing new depths with theirs.

How North Coast Electric and B2X Partners are Building a Community of B2B Success Stories

You can't afford to customize your e-commerce platform until you know what you should be customizing according to your expected return on investment.

Elevate & PURE Have A Strategy To Battle 'Greenwashing' in B2B Packaging & Labeling Industry

Elevate & PURE are using their digital presence to fight back against 'Greenwashing', when companies make misleading claims about the sustainability or eco-friendliness of their products or packaging.

How GE is Using IoT and AI to Lift Inspection Services into the Stratosphere

When it comes to industrial inspections, the minutest attention to detail could make all the difference.

Embracing Mobile Technology in B2B

How to do it right, when most do it wrong.

Tema Frank Explores Digital Marketing and the Customer Experience

We get her thoughts on the changing digital world and customer experience model, and what that means for the future of B2B.

How to Avoid Getting Lost in the B2B e-Commerce Crowd

ThruleConnect's strategy to differentiate from the competition.